The situation in Estonia

Did you know that according to statistics poverty influences approximately 63 000 children in Estonia? These children often lack proper meals and a home, more often they have no toys or books, and they can’t participate in hobby groups, practice sports or go on school trips. They don’t feel safe and they don’t have equal opportunities compared to other children their age.

This means that during school holidays these children go to bed hungry.

Sad facts:

  • Children live in poverty 1.6 times more often compared to grown-ups
  • Families with children live in poverty 3 times more often than families without children, even with parents working with maximum work intensities
  • Single-parent families live in poverty 2.5 times more often than the average Estonian family
  • In Estonia a single child protection specialist would have to reach 1378 children
  • Over 70 000 children live in municipalities that do not even have a child protection specialist
  • 40% of parents accept punishing children physically
  • Every year over 10 000 children need help due to various psychological issues
  • Every year approximately 2000 minors have to go through their parents’ divorce
  • 46% of Estonians believe that paying child maintenance after a divorce is voluntary
  • In Estonia approximately 1200 children are growing up in orphanages

Different ways to change Estonian children´s world brighter.

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